• Gusi International Peace Prize 2022

    Gusi International Peace Prize 2022

    Still pinching myself after an unbelievable week in the Philippines, where I was honoured to be one of the awardees of the Gusi International Peace Prize, 2022. The highlight, as always, was new friendships with a wonderful group of people. Many of the laureates are leading world advocates for happiness and positivity, which is a…

  • Review of RIPE

    Review of RIPE

    22 SEPTEMBER 2017 JUDITH GREENAWAY It’s true. I do sometimes overthink stuff. Particularly about performance and theatre and the purpose and the possibilities and the methods and the …. you know. But since the death of Sir Peter Hall I have been craving words. Just words. Linguistic simplicity chosen with care and expressed without accessories. Not…

  • Gross und Klein

    Gross und Klein

    A year after the event might seem like a long time to some people, but who cares about them? I loved this play; still think about it. Lotte wandering the stage; lonely, alone; talking, talking, talking –  to us, to herself, to anyone who’ll listen. We took the whole family to this one, which is…

  • Take your love to Belvoir

    Take your love to Belvoir

    From the book by Ruby Langford GinibiAdapted by Eamon Flack & Leah Purcell Director Leah Purcell I saw this production on Friday night the 28th Dec and I’m still thinking about it now. In my journal, which this is, that’s a sign of a great piece of theatre. I just have complete and utter praise for the performance, adaptation and spirit…

  • Overpriced shoes from overseas

    Overpriced shoes from overseas

    When you’re a teenager you get a job babysitting the neighbour’s kids so you can earn your own money so you can go online and order shoes like this that your mother won’t buy for you, apparently.

  • Terminus


    The Horden and I saw “Terminus” on Monday night by Mark O’Rowe with Declan Conlon, Olwen Fouéré and Catherine Walker. T’was the Abbey Theatre /Amharclann Na Mainistreach production at the Sydney Theatre Company. I wasn’t sure if The Horden was enjoying it. I did notice he was sitting forward on his seat quite a bit with an intent expression but I needn’t…

  • Richard Bowler

    Richard Bowler

    Here is another book I read while writing SCOUT. There was one letter in particular that influenced one of the characters in SCOUT. It was written by Richard Bowler on 1 January 1841 to his brother John in Brill. Richard Bowler was transported from Brill in Buckinghamshire to Tasmania at the age of 16 or…

  • Eric Newby

    Eric Newby

    Having read this book was enough for me to track down Eric Newby’s other books and meet his wife Wanda and their incredible story.



    I did lots of research while writing Scout. In this photo I’m imagining myself as a steerage passenger on an old sailing ship but I’m really at the Maritime Museum, Port Adelaide, South Australia.

  • A memorable dinner in Paro, 2005

    A memorable dinner in Paro, 2005

    I love this photo and I’m so glad we had it taken as a memento of a wonderful dinner in Paro. A few years ago now but the memory is strong. This photo is from my first literature residency in Bhutan in 2005.