Take your love to Belvoir


From the book by Ruby Langford Ginibi
Adapted by Eamon Flack Leah Purcell Director Leah Purcell

I saw this production on Friday night the 28th Dec and I’m still thinking about it now. In my journal, which this is, that’s a sign of a great piece of theatre.

I just have complete and utter praise for the performance, adaptation and spirit of this production. Leah Purcell is perfect in this role, just perfect. She manages to present the unending challenges and heartbreak faced by Ruby Langford Ginibi in a spirit that is constantly generous and independent. Transitions between parts of the story are perfectly timed. One incredible almost unbelievable story will end, we have a beat to gather our breath, and then Leah’s gorgeous smile will light up the room and we’re headed in a new direction. We’re in good hands. It’s a mature performance, truthful, surprising and satisfying.

It wasn’t Ruby Langford Ginibi in front of us but surely the spirit of this wonderful woman was with us. It was very emotional night. Well done Belvoir. Great theatre.

In three words – generous, satisfying, respectful.



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