Gross und Klein

Gross und Klein

A year after the event might seem like a long time to some people, but who cares about them?

I loved this play; still think about it. Lotte wandering the stage; lonely, alone; talking, talking, talking –  to us, to herself, to anyone who’ll listen.

We took the whole family to this one, which is an EXTRAVAGANCE  but what else is there worth spending one’s money on in this crazy world? I could buy my girls shoes like this but no, I’d rather spend my money on theatre experiences they don’t understand.

Indeed, our youngest teenager emerged from the theatre to announce that she didn’t understand a thing. I spent most of my youth watching or reading things I didn’t understand so I reckon that’s okay, possibly even the way it should be. The Horden also announced that he didn’t understand any of it either. Later, I asked him, privately,  if he really hadn’t  understood it at all? His reply – he’d just said that so our daughter got the message that it was okay not to understand stuff. Top bloke, the Horden

As for me – did I understand it? Ja. Nicht. Vielleicht. But it made sense to me. Complete and utter sense. I’d like to see it again but I can’t.

It happened, it’s gone and lives on only in our memories, old ticket stubs and blog posts that come a year after the event. Excellent theatre.



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