Short stories for children: A haunting encounter on a beach leads a boy to a mysterious girl somersaulting through the sea; a vivid dream in a time of sadness and grief, guides a girl to a place where justice can be found; an act of kindness in the face of fear and the horror of war, shows us the precious gift of compassion.
These are just some of the stories you’ll find in Kindred, a collection of short stories.

Family and friends, the past and present, the dream and the memory.
What is real to you?
There are choices that we make that change our lives, and bonds that pull us home when we are far away.
In Kindred you’ll find many questions but not always the answers,
But then there are some things that you can’t be told – some things you just know…

Published by HarperCollinsPublishers, in Australia 1995.

Australian Children’s Book Council notable book 1996.

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