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Lesson plan

With thanks to Karen Thrift at Northolm Grammar school, NSW.

1. Make a plot summary for developments between 3rd June and 3rd July.

2. Fear is a recurring idea in BLACK BELT.  In half a page, write about an event or experience which has been fearful for you.  How did you respond to, or overcome that fear?

3. Choose three of the virtues on page 11.
(a) explain what you understand by each of them in turn.
(b) How might your own life be improved by living more closely according to each of these virtues?

4. Amongst the themes explored in BLACK BELT is that of anger:

(a) Do you think this is a positive or negative emotion?  Why?
(b) Write about a situation you have experience which made you very angry.  How did you deal with or resolve the situation/anger?
(c) What do you think this expression means (taken from the Old Testament section of the Bible)

“Never let the sun go down on your anger”

5. On August 27, James records five items on his DREAM LIST.  Write out a five item DREAM LIST for yourself.

6. “I have to stop thinking of who I am and start to think of who I could be.” (Page 50)
(a) why does James say this?
(b) Sometimes we focus too much on the negative things about ourselves. 
Write down five positive attributes, qualities or virtues that you admire (for example, honesty, kindness etc.”
(c) Write down five positive things about yourself.

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  1. Mark Grisham #

    Hello Ms Pluss

    Thank you for posting this lesson plan. I love to share these with our English teachers. I’ve just approved Scout for our library and am re-ordering Black Belt. It’s a pleasure to review books that are so well written.

    Warmest regards
    Mark Grisham

    September 14, 2010

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